How to Improve Your Off Grid Skills

essential skills off grid living Nov 05, 2020

Living off grid requires dedication, commitment, and a considerable amount of knowledge and skill.  Most people do not acquire those skills over night.  Therefore, if this is concerning, continue reading and learn how to improve your off grid skills.  

Most people I’ve met that live a self sufficient lifestyle are motivated, flexible, self-starters. They are hardy do-it-yourself types, critical thinkers, and problem solvers. Furthermore, those that avidly work toward self sufficiency realize that it is almost impossible to know everything. It takes some time to acquire the needed off grid skills and knowledge. Most folks learn by doing. Creativity and ingenuity become your best friends.

Being able to manage your own resources and provide most of your daily needs  requires a considerable amount of skill and knowledge. I know this can be intimidating but you need to start somewhere. 




There seems to be an endless list of the necessary skills for homesteading and being self reliant, much less living off the grid.

What if you had to build you own house? Provide your own electricity? Repair your roof? Build a shed? Install your own water purification system? Grow your own vegetables? Provide your own source of meat?

What if  you had to complete an important project, you had no idea how to do it, and hiring someone was not an option? Could you figure it out?

Being self sufficient requires that you be a self-starter, be self motivated, and be a critical thinker. It you are not accustomed to this, some things in the beginning are going to be difficult, perhaps even intimidating. However, as you learn more and more off grid skills you will get to a point when you will not hesitate to take on some sort of new project that you’ve never done before.




Take a class. Read a book. Join a co-op. Get involved with other like minded people that are willing to share their knowledge and skills. Visit your local home improvement store and participate in the workshops they offer. All of these are great options for learning vital off grid skills.

Start learning basic construction skills. Purchase some tools and take on several easy projects just to get some experience. You will be surprised how empowering this can be. Just start with simple things that cost little money.

During the time that I’ve had my cabin, there have been numerous projects I’ve complete without having any prior experience. I had to read, do research, ask for advice, and sometimes take classes.

If you simply take the time to make a significant investment in yourself by learning more off grid skills, the rewards are enormous.  I can say from personal experience that if you put a little time and effort into this you will soon be doing many things you never thought possible.

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Go off grid and live well,



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