Construction of the Second Cabin


A number of years after building the log cabin, I decided that I wanted to expand.  I truly wanted a cabin that was much more modern and with a few more amenities.  But I also wanted to have additional living quarters so that friends and family could come to the property and stay for the weekend.  All of this was going to required building another cabin.  

The cabin project actually started a year or more before the actual construction was started.  I first had someone excavate a large hole in order to bury a water cistern. Once that was complete, I hauled in the cistern, did the back fill, and buried it as much as possible.  

The second step of this cabin project was to do the foundation work.  I met with a contractor about the framing work, decided on a design as well as dimensions, and set about pouring concrete footings.  I took a month off of work to complete this portion of the project.  

It was actually more efficient, both time wise and financially, to pay someone to do the basic framing, electrical, and siding in order to “dry in” the cabin.  I was working out of state at the time and this was a much more efficient process as opposed to my taking a couple of months off of work to do this myself.  The framing work was completed during the summer months. I then returned to the cabin property a year later to finish the project.  

Once this cabin was complete, I then took an extensive class in solar design and installation.  Following that, I designed and installed a 1.7 kilowatt array. I also now have a high efficiency refrigerator and freezer.  

This post is the second in a video series about construction projects on my off grid property.  The first one was the construction of the log cabin. I hope this video inspires you to live off the grid and to learn more about how to do things for yourself. 

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